Company's profile

Macé is the home of haute couture furniture for exclusive executive areas.
For over 70 years, the House of Macé has been selecting the highest quality materials and the most refined woods, leathers and textiles, transforming them with all the excellence associated with the major design houses that represent the French way of life. 

  • Some figures

    Since 1945, two generations of the Macé family have worked to develop our unique know-how and give the brand its unrivalled reputation, allowing us to design exceptional spaces.

    In 2014, the Majencia Group purchased the brand, along with its expert teams and workshops, with the aim of writing a new chapter in the life of this shining example of French elegance.

    €3.8M turnover (2015)

    20 product ranges

    Over 100 projects in 2015

    180 operations and 4 days of work to produce a desk

  • Spirit

    Focusing on materials means giving our all to fulfilling the expectations of people looking for excellence and outstanding pieces, without compromising on the quality of beautiful work.

    Macé works with the best designers, with a constant focus on surpassing our know-how and the quality of our materials in order to design the most refined furniture collections for decision-makers who care about harmonious curves, quality assembly, exquisite textures and beautiful things.
    The House of Macé is driven by style and elegance, and is the leading brand in made-to-measure haute couture executive office furniture.  
  • Sites

    At the Group's headquarters in Saint-Cloud, the House of Macé presents its product offering and know-how, and develops made-to-measure solutions with a sales team and dedicated project managers.

    Technical designs and production are carried out at the Beaucouzé workshop, near Angers, for woodwork and furniture manufacture, and at the Jouy workshop, near Chartres, for armchair and seat creation. 

  • Highlights

    Materials are the very essence of what Nature alone can produce. She is delighted to give them to us, if we are willing to respect them. Gratitude marks the work of the staff at the House of Macé, where we have always venerated materials as something worthy of admiration and a light touch. This has long been the mantra of artisans, but is sometimes forgotten by industrial manufacturers.

    Unique sensations, like the quality of a timber log, the graphic poetry of a wood grain, the subtle pattern in a piece of leather, the sensual feel of a textile or a perfect chrome finish, transport our technicians and workers into a world of excellence and perfection.

  • Commitment

    Macé is driven
    by style and elegance,
    and is the leading brand
    in made-to-measure
    haute couture
    executive office