• Alban Gilles

    Design is the expression of a quality and focus that increases success and promotes customer loyalty

    Alban Gilles had been awarded a degree in Literature and Arts, but wanted to create instead of teach. He then discovered Design and its social implications at the “furniture workshop” at the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs. 

    Alban Gilles’ work is a quest for meaning, with a focus on simplicity, production and the obvious. 
  • Didier Gomez

    Didier Gomez is from Moulins and studied at the Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts and the Conservatoire de Musique de Paris. He began working as an opera singer before switching to furniture design in the late 70s. He has also loved travelling since childhood. In 1978, Didier Gomez began presenting his first furniture collections.

    His travels help him to understand real user needs and improve their everyday life. He therefore designs objects that, despite their clean lines, offer comfort capable of pleasing even the most demanding clients. 

  • Frederic Ruyant

    Frédéric Ruyant has been developing design ideas, projects and creations since 1996. He designs for publishers and galleries, and his work is featured in international exhibitions (Pompidou Centre, MoMA, etc.). His creations are included in private and public collections (Fond National d’Art contemporain, Picasso museum in Vallauris, Grand Hornu, etc.).

    « I am a designer and architect who loves rigorous controversy, civilised and courteous moments in life, a job well done, transforming everyday things into exceptional things, inventing dreams, meeting people and flirting with humour and knowing that, generally, it is funnier to no longer be where people expect you to be ».

  • Thibault Desombre

    «  Creating happiness through forms, utility through functions and sensitivity in use »

    This is the motto of Lille designer, Thibault Desombre. This cabinetmaker, formerly of the Compagnons du Tour de France, settled in Montpellier after gaining experience at the Arts Déco furniture workshop in Paris.

    He typically creates chairs, seats and guitars... but has now extended his creative portfolio to include lamps or kitchens, after holding a number of important posts in the design sector (Chairman of the designers’ union, teacher at the Montpellier architecture school).
  • Thierry Jacotet

    Thierry Jacotet trained as an architect but turned to design when he could not find furniture up to the standard of his architectural projects. In 1991, he established his design firm, CODE, where he found an outlet for his passion for objects and functions.
    He then designed the first “top access” for desks and “benches”.
    Industrial, streamlined design for functional furniture and structured layouts.
  • Pagnon & Pelhaître

    This ultra-creative designer duo, comprising Patrick Pagnon and Claude Pelhaître, created their own Design and Architecture firm in 1981.

    They are both graduates of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (ENSAD) and have a particular approach which involves starting with industrial design and applying it to homes, interior design and consumer objects.

    « Simply put, we do all-encompassing design - from drawings to layouts »