• Materials

    Major brands are built on the original, timeless and universal vision of their creators, and on a system of lasting human values that are revered as founding and inviolable principles. The generations that follow are responsible for carefully developing the legacy, while making sure it remains true to its roots.

    These are the values that have led and underpinned the House of Macé for over seventy years: respect for Nature, love of materials, a culture of excellence, superior quality, the satisfaction of producing fine work, precision, the beauty of objects, the aesthetics of forms and the sensuality of textures.  
    Our understanding and experience of production, people and lifestyle is a key driver that keeps our business focused on transforming materials into exclusive and user-centred objects. At the House of Macé, we pour our heart and soul into creating haute couture collections that reflect our strong and unique identity.


  • Origins

    Materials are the very essence of what Nature alone can produce. She is delighted to give them to us, if we are willing to respect them. 
    Gratitude marks the work of the staff at the House of Macé, where we have always venerated materials as something worthy of admiration and a light touch. This has long been the mantra of artisans, but is sometimes forgotten by industrial manufacturers.
    Unique sensations, like the quality of a timber log, the graphic poetry of a wood grain, the subtle pattern in a piece of leather, the sensual feel of a textile or a perfect chrome finish, transport our technicians and workers into a world of excellence and perfection.
    We maintain our forefathers’ legacy of the sensory pleasure associated with materials and the desire to give them a new lease of life in our workshops.


  • Passion

    Now we are paving a future for this passion by opening the door to technology and design.
    We want to show that tradition and modernity, technology and elegance can be perfect partners if we give them meaning and they share the common goal of serving the most prestigious clients.